1. Gas Oil

We offer MGO at different sulphur levels, starting at 0.001% sulphur to DMA specifications. The most common grades being.

MGO DMA - max 1% sulphur

LS MGO - max 0.05% sulphur

ULS D(ultra low sulphur Diesel - max 0.001% sulphur.

2. Fuel Oil

We offer IFO at different cSt levels, starting from 380cSt. The most common grades being.



All products are based on industry specifications or can be customized to your own requirements please send us your requirements or specifications and we will gladly send you our quotations.

3. Naphtha

Naphtha is a flammable liquid hydrocarbon mixture. Mixtures labelled naphtha have been produced from natural gas condensates, petroleum distillates, and the distillation of coal tar and peat. In different industries and regions naphtha may also be crude oil or refined products such as kerosene.